I think I got fed up with the brands.

Although the internet is full of articles and consistent opinions about logo/visual identity vs brand – in the sense that a product or service that has a visual identity is not necessarily a brand, especially if it is in the beginning or newly created – the internet is also more full of designers, freelancers, agencies and clients publishing their new creations under the title of “new brands”. Valid in Romania but also elsewhere, as if it’s a global disease.

I confess I’m a little tired of preaching and explaining in the pulpit, both publicly and privately. I’ve been doing this for too many years. Maybe I’m an old-school designer, taught to call a spade a spade. I promise that today is the last time I preach from the pulpit: a logo, packaging or visual identity are not necessarily and automatically brands. It needs some conditions to become a brand. One of them is constancy, verification and resistance over time. After all, you can read and learn about the rest of the conditions.