A joyful cow

Pure green, deep blue, wildflowers, pure milk! Nature at a superlative level, where a joyful cow frolicking. Lactate Harghita actually entrusted us with two projects: the visual identity of the company and the dairy brand, under the same name.

Remember the two-handle metal can in which our grandparents would bring us milk? An iconic image, known almost by everyone. We said to ourselves, well, why not, let’s explore this simple and direct creative direction that can be easily recognised. This is how the company’s identity was born which was then placed on all the products, along with the playful cow.

The complete project included: the company’s identity, the design and identity of the packaging, the illustrations, the applications and the communication materials and the manual of design standards.

Dairy products
Brand concept, packaging, visual identity, applications, communication strategy, identity standards

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