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Grill Expert is the market leader in the grill industry in Romania, with a portfolio of thousands of products from over 12 premium brands from around the world and offers the most complete range of products for outdoor cooking. Through its online and offline presence, Grill Expert aims to be accessible throughout the country.

The Grill Expert showroom is the largest and most complete specialized showroom in Romania. Located in Cluj-Napoca in the middle of Transylvania, it offers a unique experience and a modern vision of healthy outdoor cooking, a booming trend in our country and all around the world.

Our grill expert friends asked us to redesign and modernize the old visual identity taking into account the defining elements that constitute the brand architecture and thus try to pass on to their customers the passion, experience and knowledge about outdoor cooking.

In our study we focused on simplifying and modernizing the graphic sign of the grill and respecting the graphic relationship and proportions in relation to the brand name. The curved structure of the brand name remained the same and the set of letters chosen remained in the bold sans-serif area, as in the old visual identity, but rigorously aligned with the visual language of the graphic sign. Also, the color range remained the same, red and black, representative colors for charcoal, fire, browned dishes, with a slight orange accent in the gradient to further emphasize the intensity of fire.

The final version proposed to our friends has been further verified to work in both online and offline environments, ensuring that it has optimal contrast and visibility.

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