A new range of cosmetics from Farmec

The well-known cosmetics manufacturer Farmec (which has a long tradition in the Romanian cosmetics field), entrusted us with the development of a new concept of makeup cosmetics for its Gerovital range; a well-known range of products that suits any pocket.

We started by designing a pilot-package that can then be replicated and adapted to the entire range of makeup products. The obstacles were represented particularly by the different materials used for each specific product, hence some difficulties in adapting the design so that the whole range of products has a uniform aspect. However, the process of trying to overcome them was interesting enough.

The colour combination chosen was a simple and visible one: a shade of faded gold and intense black, and an oversized Beauty name design, positioned vertically to maximize its visualization. The task of Branzas designers was doubly difficult due to the small size of the packaging Each square centimetre was used to its maximum capacity in a balanced and elegant way, to support the general impression of the Gerovital brand.

Brand concept, packaging, identity standards

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