April 29, 2009

To be in perfect shape. Always. With perfect curves, small waist, long neck, upright posture, taller, freer, more beautiful. But especially to keep up with the times. Whether they had the chance to have a resounding success or are struggling daily to maintain a hard-won position, brands are in constant need of adjustment, redefinition and adaptation to the environment. Brands need to keep up with all the changes around them. For status. For trust. For notoriety. With optimism.

Brands are commercial tools whose success is measured by sales and positive evolution. Entities in continuous evolution and movement need permanent monitoring and fine-tuning. They also need to re-establish their strategy, either brand or communication-wise or to redesign their identity. Those who understand the importance of investing in the brand will move forward ensuring long-term benefits.

It is absolutely necessary to constantly innovate your brand. Following wider or more restricted rebranding processes, brands are redefining themselves, adopting new positions and strategies, acquiring new identities. The brand goes further and it evolves by adapting to specific demands. The appearance of the same product with a new form of presentation is the answer to the new consumption trends, but also a way of promoting a brand on the market, which must be done whenever these changes are discovered.

Building a brand must be one of the measures that must be taken or maintained not only in less favourable times but also in flourishing times, as it is the only method that will bring future benefits. Caring for the brand’s image (and not about the orientation towards immediate solutions) punctual and promotional actions, streamlining brand management, respecting long-term strategies are the solutions for success. Brand consolidation and development through the adoption of effective brand strategies, coherent marketing plans, serious and focused branding efforts are needed at all times. The appearance of an area of ​​stagnation or instability of the brand must be viewed carefully, but also with optimism. By approaching a positive and confident attitude, which includes continuing the efforts already made for the brand, you can create a driving force for business.

Constructing strong and differentiating visual identities, at the level of the 21st century, will contribute to the increase of notoriety and to building a sense of trust around the brand. Redesigning a brand is performed either from the previous identity of the brand – making only an update with fine readjustments, or from the base – following the need for repositioning and finding a new identity for the brand, only keeping the main elements of identification. Differentiation is the key to moving forward. Whether you choose to change the stylistic or chromatic combination, or you try to find a new way of communicating, which would express features of a new personality given to the brand, the overall idea is to fit it in a line as modern and current as possible, offering innovations that are indeed desired while highlighting the benefits, values ​​and attributes for which it should be chosen. This brand and not another one.