A modern and global presence

With over 1000 employees in Romania alone, Endava is present on several meridians, listed on the London Stock Exchange, being a true cruiser of outsourcing and IT solutions. The company entrusted us with the development of a unitary communication language, as cheerful and accessible as possible, using images with its real employees.

The project also had an employer branding component. We set out to explore real characters, their values and their favourite hobbies, We found that they largely overlap with those of the company. We were very happy because this way we could tell 100% true stories about those people, which would resonate with all the employees, from to Bulgarian ones to the American ones.

Endava is orange, a colour that is very dear to us, which expresses openness, honesty and creativity. One more reason to enjoy this project very much!

Information technology
Communication concept, applications

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