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Elis Pavaje is one of our longest-lived customers. We have been working together since 2003 and we are proud to bring more value to the company each year. Alongside the solid growth and development of the company, the first visual identity created by us has undergone two substantial revisions and modernizations.

The name Elis is an abbreviation of the company’s founder’s name, a true pater familae who understood the usefulness of pavements ever since the early ’90s. From the very beginning, we visualized in our study book a yellow-black colour combination. This was one of the most visible and contrasting colour combinations. In the colour psychology, joining yellow and black always raises an exclamation mark and it stimulates curiosity. For example, all moving machinery uses yellow dominance with black elements in order to attract people’s attention.

The logo and the entire visual identity were built perfectly geometrically to emphasize the exact nature of the products as well as the level of perfection that Elis Pavaje hopes to achieve in everything it does. In order to constantly support the Elis brand, each year, the management team entrusted us with all the design projects, branding, event concepts, strategic branding and communication consultancy. Sometimes, in key moments, we were also part of the consultations for modelling the processes of development and sales.

Elis Pavaje is part of the almost unique category of Romanian companies that have continuously invested in and fully integrated the design and branding processes into the daily, strategic management. They have intuited that this action would contribute decisively to creating a long-term vision.

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