The complete Elis offer

The product catalogue has already been a tradition for over 17 years. It exceeds 175 pages and it is a complex work that encompasses every year many months analysis and design work, technical and axonometric drawing, photography, pagination and printing preparation. Although difficult, technical problems are not insurmountable.

Each year, our task is to find an attractive and improved formula for presenting the very diverse range of Elis products. The catalogue also includes works that were executed with the Elis’ products (civil, industrial and urban) in order to demonstrate to the public their versatility and usefulness.

Vibro Pressed concrete products
Concept and communication materials

Othe projects

Elis Pavaje – visual identity

Elis Pavaje is one of our longest-lived customers. We have been working together since 2003 and we are proud to bring more value to the company [...]