A butterfly hovered with more difficulty than air

The truth is that Elis Pavaje allowed us to sometimes play with their products. This had a great effect! At first, we sketched some ideas on paper that were very appreciated by our client. We then built huge butterflies, apples, palm trees, birds and leaves from pavements and curbs in the yard of the Petresti factory (in Alba county). We then photographed and transposed them into a communication concept in order to demonstrate the versatility of this type of products for exterior landscaping.

The concept of communication and the photos were then used in all the sales materials, the brochures, the leaflets, the agendas, the greeting cards, the calendars, the promotional pages from specialized magazines, and so on. That is when we actually (with physical materials) demonstrated the company’s ”Everything Connects” slogan.

Vibro Pressed concrete products
Concept and communication materials

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