The endless growth of ivy over the passing time of concrete

During our collaboration of over 15 years with Elis Pavaje, we have developed different communication concepts for a brand that operates in a seemingly arid field, that of pavements made out of vibro-pressed concrete. On the surface, nothing bidding for designers called to develop branding and communication ideas. However, the challenge is even greater the more obstacles you face! Thus were born some memorable concepts of communication whose purpose was to show the public how diverse and creative the use of these products in the yard or garden of one can be. We present here one of them.

A chameleon stands in equilibrium on a branch that rests on a medieval gate key which is in perfect balance on a grassy grid in an upright position. What would happen if it weren’t for the red dice sitting on top of a branch of the twig that would counterbalance the chameleon?

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