Round and colourful

2020 is a year marked by many turning points, inflexion and development for Elis Pavaje. Meanwhile, the company has developed four factories in Romania, it distributes some of its products across the border and it integrates into its manufacturing process: gravel pits, rock quarries, complete assembly and implementation procedures of urban and infrastructure projects.

Together with the management team, we decided that it is the perfect time to festively celebrate this beautiful and organic development. We created and implemented a lively, cheerful, round and colourful concept of communication in the main promotional and sales materials. The concept and materials were well received by the company’s partners and customers.

The series of vector illustrations use the support of iconic images, well-known and easy to remember, cheerful, mainly from nature, in order to build strong visual suggestions with the help of various types of products from the company’s portfolio.

Vibro Pressed concrete products
Concept and communication materials

Other projects

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