Do we hit the brakes or we go full speed?

It is time to choose. Preserve a status quo (which is not a status quo, by the way) or go on? Hide in your hole or go hunting? I choose full speed ahead.

I was born in 1971 an lived under a communist dictatorship until 1990. No lights, no TV, no food, no clothes, no music, no coffee to go. No nothing. Only books and music (some of them from contraband) and resilience.

I had the bad luck to be drafted in the army in 1989 and live throughout the so-called Romanian revolution. I slept in ditches at minus degrees for months. I saw people die and heard bullets whistle near my ears.

I’ve overcome the economic crisis and inflation in my country until the beginning of 2000. In this time I built a family, a business and a house.

I think I had around 5 years of real prosperity and tranquillity until 2008-2009 when crisis struck again. Now we are facing another crisis.

Do we choose to capitulate? Not me. Not the people I know.

I think now is THE time for intelligent and useful new businesses and start-ups. We are going to help them as well as our traditional clients. Even they need to reformulate their organizations, the way of doing business, their products or services.

Design is the silent ambassador of your product, service or brand. Design is a state of mind, not another service provided from 9 to 5.