Designing 25 years.

Instead of celebrating this month 25 years of my company with great pictures, lots of fake nice words, lots of thanks (mom&dad and pet included), a long list of so-called accomplishments and some selfies in the office/pub/bar with big grins and thumbs-up I would really like to share some things that I think I learned. Underscore “I think”. I apologize for my English, it is not my native language. I learned it in communist times from American and British movies and magazines.

People never change. They may change voluntarily some habits but their core personality and mindset never change.
Business decisions are always biased by the person(s) who decides. Business decisions are never “true”, unselfish, “right”, or based on knowledge and argument. They are personal and usually driven by the false need for safety and happiness.

Entrepreneurial skills don’t exist. There are an entrepreneurial mindset and personality, which in reality is very rare. The vast majority of people like to be employees because it does not imply a great deal of responsibility. Assuming total responsibility for self and the others is the main quality for an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurial learning courses are just another scam.
We are rarely right. Most of our “well-thought” decisions are usually not so good, wrong, or disastrous.

In reality, we rarely accept criticism.

Chemistry is essential for success between two business parties. And that is again totally personal.

Contracts don’t matter. Words don’t matter, only actions.
Design can be an extremely useful discipline if used at the full potential. If.
Branding is just another word for design.

Truth exists. Mine. Or yours. Depends who’s the best at imposing it.
Well-over 80% of people like/love/want/crave to be lied and to lie themselves. It is the most-spread modus vivendi.

I’ve always worked better with women than men, as colleagues, suppliers or clients. I don’t know why but that’s the fact.