I’ve known for a long time that design juries and competitions don’t make much sense. There is no point in explaining why, those of you who work in the field know this already, and you also know why this is the case. A long time ago I promised myself that I would never set foot in a design competition again, and look: I had violated my own contract. As I did before with going to the beach at the Black Sea, where I swore not to ever set foot again, and I made the mistake of taking a vacation there once again; I only ended up more disappointed, confirming my existing thoughts on the tourist product.

Competitions and juries produce safe results, by mutual agreement, like in a Romanian Communist Party meeting. They are biased from the very start by the idea of unanimity reached through negotiations. And the courage and vision disappear. So, I will take the contract I made with myself into account from now on, I won’t ever participate in a design competition again.

I thank the jurors for their political correctness and boring decisions.