Communication exercise no. 3: RMGC and “Let’s save Rosia Montana”(SRM)

Since my last examination of the communication strategies approached by the two antagonist parties, RMGC seems to be on standby after the show on Realitatea TV, therefore I have no more input data. This attitude may be caused by the fact that they are still waiting for the new government to make some decisions.

Instead, “Let’s save Rosia Montana”(SRM) seems to be slowly adopting a new strategy, that of blaming the companies from Alba and Cluj, counties that support the mining project and even more. In fact, it seems that they are trying to intimidate them – and those who joined their name with RMGC in the various events sponsored together – as well as those who did not play a public card with RMGC. The SRM message is simple, the most important of them seems to me “Would you buy more products from Alba?”. It is possible to also ask the same “questions” in regard to Cluj, but it seems that this city and county will have another message, that of signalling the danger in case of an ecological catastrophe in Rosia Montana.

The SRM strategy is not strong enough yet, but they have already sent their first messages. If this will work out, the result might have an effect on various actions:
– They will blame the people and the companies from Alba (the effect of public shaming);
– They will make the people from Cluj County be afraid of the possible catastrophe that will happen if RMGC will win;
– They will continue to isolate RMGC from the population and the companies who still support this project.

I should mention that, as a psychological aspect and social phenomenon, those citizens who are pro-RMGC, are not as the SRM organizations. The “shaming effect”, the hiding of the adhesion and their silence were, possibly, stimulated by the recent show on Realitatea TV, a communication fiasco for RMGC.