Ideas from Cluj for Cluj

We worked hard for this contest, not only out of respect for our city but because that is how we are used to treating any project we get involved in. The intensity with which we got involved, the multitude of conventional and unconventional ideas that we had the opportunity to explore and last but not least the simple pleasure of a rigorous strategic design exercise, fully compensated for the fact that we did not reach the list of finalists.

We are still satisfied and proud of the final result of the project proposed for our city. Its essence can be seen here, the case study being available for download.

The whole Branzas team has participated in this project for several months. We worked by the book, based on a well-structured brief: research, documentation, analysis, design, selection, re-design and conclusions. We read and reread the history of the city, we went through sociological, economical and statistical analyzes, we explored almost all the essential aspects related to Cluj-Napoca, the neighbouring counties and different case studies from Europe. The documentation was the basis of all the decisions and nuances related to our design proposal. Internally, we had a lot of strategic and creative debates, which proved to be very productive.

City branding
Visual identity proposals

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