Branzas for Fundatii Comunitare

Fundațiile Comunitare,, finances projects that are useful to various communities. The organization has a national reach and an impressive and long-lasting history with many beautiful achievements. The existence of this non-profit organization is due to the kind people involved and their inclination towards community causes. Today there are several smaller community charities in almost all of Romania. This is due to the fact that they have received know-how, help and funds from the umbrella organization.  


Our task was to create a visual identity for a brand that was already well- known in the world of NGOs. A brand that would primarily reflect the already existing and growing network of community charities in Romania. Basically, we were called to visually reflect a well-defined brand plan and strategy. Our role, before generating a visual identity, was to also examine in depth the opportunities and the Romanian community charities and to challenge their expansion strategy. Our second role was to initiate, through a series of informal discussions, the creation of internal communication processes and procedures with public applicability, in relation both to the community charities that are a part of the network and to the media and state institutions.  

Basically, from the very beginning, we considered that we should give Fundatii Comunitare as an example of “best practice” to the other community charities in the network, as well as to the other NGOs in Romania – regarding the right way in which they built their identity and the tools of presentation and communication. We must admit, the Branzas team was enthusiastic about the project because the philosophy that governs the organization and its members are very special, well-structured, clear and future-oriented, with a great openness to everything that is new. From this point of view, we came across a fertile ground that allow the team of designers to create one of the most modern and complete identities of a non-governmental organization in Romania.


Branzas created the entire visual identity system, starting with the logo, colour range, office, documents and presentation materials, guidelines for use and application of identity.


The project took place over 6 months and benefited from the support of the management of ARC – Association for Community Relations. The project was officially launched in 2011 at the Community Foundations Conference in Bucharest.