A county with good intentions

The development of tourism in the direction defined in the tourism brand strategy can be a locomotive for the economic development of the county, but it involves development in all related fields within the framework defined by the brand strategy in order to credibly support its positioning in front of potential consumers. In the ”vision of the brand”, it is specified that Bistrita-Nasaud county will be the most modern county in the country. This offers it the chance to be a ”spearhead”, a landmark and a successful pilot-project for Romania, in this direction.

The touristic brand strategy of Bistrita-Nasaud County can be found in its entirety in the attached document.

In the general context of continuous depopulation through the migration of the active population from less developed areas, all analyzes and forecasts document the fact that the only chance to progress is to proceed massively to automatization and digitization, along with the education needed for qualification and adoption of these strategies. This would be a first step in the direction of modernizing the county, which should start with the administration, a real example in this regard. If something positive does not happen in this direction or if the administration fails to modernize the sectors promised, then the population and the entrepreneurs will continue to be demotivated and will no longer trust the administration’s projects.

The aim will be to achieve as a whole, a sign and a visual identity as distinct and courageous as possible, according to four basic principles: creating an original graphic sign, both in terms of message and style; conveying the message of renewal, modernization, modernity, in accordance to the 21st century, ambition, progress; highlighting the meanings offered by the connotations: eco-bio, health, sports, nature; do not compete with others – make them irrelevant!

The combination of a modern, stylized graphic style, with identifiable and particular elements of the county, can be achieved by using signs and symbols with which have concrete significance and meaning for the county, derived from geographical/natural features (diverse types of relief, geographical shape/contour, other particularities), from recognized local specifics (apple) or even unique but traditional heraldic elements (ostrich) that are found in the county’s marking.

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