Being agile. Or scrum. Or whatever.

Just a short notice because I just remembered my first years since ’94 with my company when the term “agile” was not invented for the business landscape and processes.

Without false modesty, my team was “very agile” at the time. I was agile. We were all “scrums”. We still are. Whatever the terminology we delivered our creative work in time, as a team, within the budget and at the highest quality possible, responding swiftly to client requirements and changes. In today’s terminology, “scrum teams constantly respond to change so that the best possible outcome can be achieved. Scrum can be described as a framework of feedback loops, allowing the team to constantly inspect and adapt so the product delivers maximum value.” We didn’t have these definitions in our head, nobody cared about “being scrum”, we just made everything possible to deliver.
Our approach is almost the same after 23 years but I have to admit that I implemented a few standard procedures to make our lives easier and happier. For example, taking our fingers off the mouse at 5.30 pm. Mostly. There is (some) life after work after all. Or, requiring a detailed brief at the very beginning of the assignment.

Can I say that now @branzas we are 75% agile or the bloody terminology does not allow us to say that?