Atiya – A Beautiful Gift

As the name implies, Atiya means “present” or “gift”. Atiya is the new Home & Design product line from Becker Romania, a subsidiary of the international company Becker, specialised in end products made of wood. The Atiya range – consisting of various objects for your home, but also for hotels, restaurants or cafés, made out of a special material, laminated beech veneer – accompanies the other Becker products, from furniture to limited edition projects made by independent designers or design firms.

The Atiya product range is currently comprised of different types of trays, big or small, fruit bowls and other such beautiful tableware made of laminated beech veneer, which can be chromatically treated and have different finishes, in the most varied colours and textures. Furthermore, Atiya aims to develop new products, both using its own designs and through collaboration with independent designers and major European retail chains specialising in Home & Deco.

Branzas has developed a visual identity for Becker and Atiya, and also words on their identity standards and a complex methodology of presenting samples and a portfolio, intended for showcasing products to the external market. Due to the low demand of such products in Romania, Atiya has focused on the European market and the United States’ market, where individuals already have a habit of purchasing such items for the home. In addition, “chic” cafés and restaurants are targeted, those who value how they present food and drinks at the table.

Atiya is also a beautiful gift for us – we really enjoyed working with materials and textures that are so different and pleasing to the eye and to the touch.