Our mountain adventure

Somewhere in Cluj county, some enterprising and courageous people discovered a unique spring with a very special type of water, extremely pure and with a very high pH level. It might be the purest water in Romania. Today, Aquavia is highly cherished, from Dubai to the United States and Scandinavia.

Our adventure began when we had to find the proper name for this pure water, as we wanted a name that would emphasize its health benefits but also a name that could be registered as a brand worldwide. A complex task, which was, however, completed once we drew the logo, the illustration and after finding the right chromatic range.

Our work continued – we were asked to design a unique and adaptable packaging that would suit different markets and volumetric capacities. Our proposal was to try to find a design solution that would suggest the soft and concentric waves of the water in which droplets fall from the spring. We worked in a team with specialists in materials and technological processes for packaging and bottling in order to find the best three-dimensional representation which could also be feasible in terms of production, storage and transport.

It was a difficult, long and laborious project which did not end here. The last part consisted of adapting the labels and packaging for each market where the product would be exported.
The last stage was represented by the description of the whole project in a design standards manual.

Non-alcoholic beverages
Brand strategy, brand concept, packaging, visual identity, applications, identity standards.

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