The perfect bottle

This project intrigued us from the beginning through its clear and well-structured brief, through the fact that we were given full, conceptual freedom of expression and through its substantial prize offered to the winners. We had the privilege to compete with both Romanian and international designers in a contest that generated many ideas that are worth viewing.

An overview of all the final versions can be found in the attached document.

All of our concepts were subsumed to the idea of ​​purity and uniqueness of the Aqua Carpatica water source. We needed the perfect shape for a water that is already perfect, an ambitious requirement that motivated us to look for the most creative and out-of-the-box ideas possible.

Without exception, each of the exploratory concepts presented was constructed from scratch, taking into account the strategic concept expressed in the brief that we have received. The project was a very complex one. We needed to start from a few concepts that we then drew in different versions. After that, through an extremely rigorous selection process, we transpose the final versions in 3D.

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Mineral waters
Packaging design

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