A Yellow-ish-Orange Story

The story of Gălbenel (Yellow-ish, in literal English translation) is a simple one, like any story about a successful product or brand. A man and his wife – a specialist in “agricultural affairs” – decided one day to open the most modern laying hen farm in Romania.
Business insight: they knew that certain European provisions and rules would come into force in a few years’ time, obliging all egg producers to comply with certain hygiene and production standards. And they decided to get on to it before everyone else would, to build their farm according to these standards. Attention, according to the legislation, they are not yet obliged to do so. They also fought pretty hard to get some European funds, but in the end they succeeded.

Long before the farm began operating, they came to us to talk about creating a product identity. They wanted a brand, and we brought to their attention that they will probably have one in a few years if they maintain their product strategy, attributes and company values. I started working on it, documenting at first. Note, any project starts with analysis and documentation, continues with this strategy, then comes the creation, and it ends with the implementation. In their case, I wandered all the shops and supermarkets looking for eggs. We talked to housewives, we listened to our grandparents and we even thought about our children.
Brand insight: eggs are perceived as “good, free-range-like” if their yolk is yellow-orange and the egg is large. It’s a thing about healthy chicken food. The people from Gălbenel assured us that they will maintain these standards if the competitors offer eggs at a lower price point, but below standard. “Mr. & Mrs. Gălbenel” – they still didn’t know they would call themselves that yet, neither did we – were working hard on the new farm in the meantime.

What followed was, as I said at the beginning, simple. We imagined a green meadow, sprinkled with wildflowers and with many chickens. At the same time, we were striving to see how to integrate business and brand insights into this bucolic landscape. And that was it, Gălbenel was born, first as a name, then as a logo, afterwards as a product identity and packaging, and finally, it became a design standard. Their motto, “Brand new eggs” contains the word “egg” 3 times (in the original Romanian motto), “brand new” emphasises the idea of ​​freshness, and the idea of the flower out of which comes out the fresh yolk suggests how natural and healthy the product really is. The whole story was born, is told and will keep on being told thanks to two dedicated people who knew what they wanted and what to ask of us. Simple, right!?

Those who put their minds to the making of Gălbenel were: Levi Szekeres – Senior Designer, Ioana Frențiu – Project Manager, Bogdan Brînzaș – Creative Director.