A Positive Signal for Romanian Entrepreneurs

Recently, a company was forgiven by the government for not paying an exorbitant amount of money (for the vast majority of businesses in Romania) to the state, and this is not the first time this happens. We also saw that the National Agency for Fiscal Administration, the authority that manages the fiscal matters in Romania, practically speaking, spent public and European money for a project to redesign the visual identity, which had more than questionable results. A passenger plane with people on board crashed in the Apuseni Mountains, and those who were required by law and protocol to do something to fix the situation only managed to make a big fuss about it, by, once again, spending public funds, all in vain. I believe that these three events are interrelated and are very telling of the state this country is in at the moment, therefore constituting a positive signal given by the state, that urges us to ignore all authority. The reason is very simple: “if this is how you treat me, you get the same treatment in return”.

I believe that the entrepreneurs and the taxpayers who earn their living honestly have finally learned their lesson and will look for the most legal and creative ways to “screw” this dysfunctional and one-sided relationship in which they have already invested too much. In fact, I think that it is the only real lesson that needs to be learned in entrepreneurship; this, and not the “blabber” that we hear at events and seminars.

And if I was to follow an already established modus operandi, I can expect to get an inspection from the “organs” any time now.

Later edit. I find the RL journalists’ approach exceptional and in accordance with what I wrote today. Full article here.