A message to creatives.

This is a message to my fellow designers, strategists and creatives.

Clearly, society is on the brink. Meaning that is unstable, so unstable that nobody really knows where it will go. Meaning that due to the conditions, most of the people will do (almost) anything to cope with the day, the week and the month. That’s understandable until a point. There is always a point of no return which every one of us does not need to pass.

Our work is still necessary. Maybe not in packaging as we know it or in communications. Maybe we can help with our creativity to move things and thoughts, reduce costs with better solutions, determine shifts toward better organizations, products, services, processes and so on. We can bring our thinking and creative expertise to other levels of the organizations we work for.

Obviously, we see the world through other lenses. For that, we took the blame many times, sometimes we were neglected, sometimes we were underpaid but hey, you know what? That’s our way of living. We see things that others don’t see. We see differently. We are great social observers and we often forecasted ideas and solutions that nobody cared about or dismissed until… they forcibly needed to care about.

I know. There are lots of postings on the internet about creatives saying that we are easily bored, think with our hearts, make a lot of mistakes, have a reputation of eccentricity or hate the rules. And so on. Maybe they are right, at least about a dozen of these traits of ours. In commodified, fat and lazy societies (as we know them) these personality traits are sometimes a danger. Now, I think they are pure gold for those who have the eyes to see.