A sign of gratitude

Company day is an annual event in which Elis Pavaje celebrates with the whole team another successful year that has passed. In 2020, the event was no longer possible due to the restrictions imposed by the social distancing rules. It was a hard year, which made us more aware of the fact we can overcome difficult situations only by working together and that the teams formed organically over time can maintain their well-being despite any obstacles.

A special wine, from the Sebes area, was chosen as a small sign of gratitude for the effort made by each employee of Elis Pavaje. Our task was to create the wine’s concept and label. We have proposed two options, one that celebrates directly the physical work and another that sends a positive message to everybody involved.


The second version was chosen, sending a drop of hope, colour and joy to the entire Elis Pavaje team. After all, totul se leagă (everything connects) when we are together!


Products made out of vibro-pressed concrete
Gift design, Wine label

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