29 years of branding and design

At the end of September, we celebrate 29 years of uninterrupted activity; we have worked and had a lot of fun, suddenly or one by one! The fault of founding Branzas Design in 1994, when I was still a student, belongs to me, but the results mainly belong to the outstanding professionals with whom I was lucky to team. Without them, today, I would not write a melodramatic thank-you text. At the same time, my gratitude goes to our customers and partners, those who paid our salaries and occasional parties. I’m waiting for my 30th birthday in 2024 to write a looooooooong nominal thank you list! And let’s not forget I am grateful to all those who rejected our ideas and projects and did not become our clients. They managed to make us a more fighting, tight-knit and resistant team to any bad weather, confirming, in fact, every time the validity of our ideas and principles.