21st century opportunities

If we take 1990, the 20th century, as the starting point for Romania’s “change of face”, we can see that 33 years of various transformations have passed over us. So have the entrepreneurs, companies and brands – not many, but not few – that have developed since the 1990s. Many companies and brands adopted visual identities in those years in line with those times, with the fashion or visual language of the time, some even in line with certain prejudices or lack of information. What has happened in this area is natural. People, brands or companies are born and developed according to the times. Few of us are genuinely visionary ahead of the times.

Then, as now, there were enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs, as they were starting to operate in a market that was empty and hungry for something new. That’s why products, services and brands were developed that, for the most part, have remained. Today, when the opportunities are different, given the potential of internationalisation or globalisation, artificial intelligence, at least partial ‘polishing’ of public services, automation, offshoring, information abundance, etc. Yet some have been left behind, left behind knowingly, for nostalgia for the beginnings or from a misunderstanding of the need for brand consistency. And I refer, of course, to those visual and brand identities of products and services alike that have remained unchanged, unmoved, unpolished, unmodernised, and out of step with the times and the changes that have occurred.

No way am I making any accusations or moralising. It’s understandable and perfectly legitimate what’s been going on in marketing, branding and design all these years. Even if things have evolved with bumps in the road at times, they have grown; otherwise, we’re not talking about companies, products, services or brands that have lasted 20-30 years in this tumultuous market.

But I believe that the time has come to change, modernise, and bring them into line with the times, an opportunity that entrepreneurs, some of them, I have noticed, are already seeing. Quite timidly so far, but the trend is growing. Why do I say that? We deduced from the project requests addressed to our agency from our discussions with entrepreneurs or managers. These discussions have revealed the need to adapt to new realities, trends, fashions, consumer target groups, etc. In short, they have perceived the need to be in tune with the times to remain relevant.

So far, at least in my perception, the approaches are still timid or fearful. The fear of change is natural, and the questions and potential problems that arise from this must be addressed as much as possible before changes are made. Ad hoc decisions have never been good for anyone.

In conclusion, I answer one of the questions most often asked of us by entrepreneurs or managers: yes! The question was: is now the right time to strategically address marketing, branding, design, packaging, our visual identity, vision, values, and customer approach?

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