188,000 Romanian Lei a Month for Consulting

Mai demult am declarat public în repetate rânduri că sunt dispus să lucrez pe un fee simbolic de 2 lei plus cheltuieli, dacă sunt necesare, pentru brandul de țară al României. Astăzi mi-am revizuit poziția. Patriotismul meu a dispărut undeva departe, posibil irecuperabil, pierdut în ceața capitalismului de stat. După multe taxe și impozite de toate felurile plătite degeaba, după ce văd salariile care se vehiculează cu atâta ușurință în mediul de stat, după atâta „meltenism” feroce și amatorism răsplătit regește de la nivel înalt până la funcționarul de ghișeu timp de 23 de ani, astăzi nu mai vreau cei 2 lei. Vreau nici mai mult nici mai puțin decât fix 188.000 lei net pe lună pentru mine și fiecare membru al echipei mele plus expenses, vorba americanului. Eu și încă cinci oameni cred că putem face treabă. Adică 6 x 188.000 lunar net timp de minim 12 luni. Un brand, nu-i așa, nu se naște într-o lună, este nevoie de timp, după cum orice consultant sau marketeer cu oarecare experiență știe. Șoferul și limuzina la scară nu sunt incluse. Prefer atribuirea directă.

Earlier, I repeatedly stated publicly that I am willing to work for a symbolic fee of 2 Romanian lei plus expenses, if necessary, for the Romanian country brand. Today I changed my position. My patriotism has disappeared somewhere far away, possibly unrecoverable, lost in the fog of state capitalism. After many taxes and fees of all kinds paid in vain, after seeing the salaries that circulate so easily in the public sector, after so much fierce rudeness and rewarded amateurism, seen in anyone from a high level worker to a clerk, after all of this going on for 23 years, I don’t want the 2 Romanian lei anymore. I want no more and no less than a fixed 188,000 Romanian lei net per month for me and each member of my team plus expenses, as the Americans say. Five other people and I think we can do the job. That is 6 x 188,000 net per month for at least 12 months. A brand, isn’t it, is not born in a month, it takes time, as any consultant or marketeer with some experience knows. The driver and the limousine are not included. I prefer a direct assignment.

If we are to be capitalists, let us be to that to the end, as all prominent representatives paid from my taxes, including the most holy of priests, teach us. I promise to make the most expensive brand – as amateurs or ministers like to think I do – a country brand or a tourist brand, in accordance with the monthly income of some directors or presidents of institutions. In terms of expenses, I estimate that they will be at business class level for transportation and 4 stars for both accommodation and meals. Needing a consistent documentation, I estimate that together with my team we will spend at least 3 months roaming the globe in search of the most notable case studies in the field to learn from other’s experience.

Of course, realistically, my services and those of the Branzas team will never be requested, and we will not show up in the case of an auction, either on the Electronic public procurement system or not, because these auctions work on the basis of lowest price criterion.

Regarding the “last tourist brand” we made – leaf – which cost around 800,000 euros, I revised my position and considered that it had in fact a minimum budget, common sense. Even the spending budget was decent, 200 dollars, which were spent online on a site specialising in vector graphics.

On the other hand, for all our projects for SMEs, Romanian companies and decent institutions we will maintain the same fees as before. Often negotiable, depending on the nature of the project and the volume.