17 years of Branzas

On September 27th, Branzas turned 17 years old. For me personally and for us, it means a lot, from the point of view of all our accumulated experience, of the diversity of the developed projects, of the success achieved by the brands we have worked for, as well as from the point of view of the beautiful people we worked with, both colleagues and clients.

We started out as a one-man-show agency which won the Ursus rebranding pitch in 1996 in the detriment of a German agency. It was a project for which I worked very hard and for which I dreamed a lot. I was very happy when I was announced that I am the winner of the project, following a market research conducted nationwide by Gallup. Then, year after year, I added new clients to the portfolio: friends, colleagues, many hours of work, experience and many satisfactions.
I have been asked countless times why I named the agency after my own family name. The answer is simple: I chose to do that as a personal guarantee for the seriousness and the creativity with which I wanted to approach each client, project or brand. Today, the Branzas brand and design consulting agency has heavy baggage behind it. It accumulated a lot of experience that is owed both to the clients and also to the colleagues with whom I had the pleasure to work during these years. I had the occasion to learn many, many things from everyone. Without false modesty, we can boast that we are the initiators of the industry and the agency with the widest experience in branding in Romania.

The list of those to whom I owe a lot of my professional career and to whom I want and have to thank is very long, but nothing would have been possible without the teachings of Daniel Dociu, between 88-89, when I was just a dreamy and curious kid. Daniel Dociu instilled me desire, trust, science and through his personal example, the belief that through hard work the results will appear without exception. Daniel is today one of the greatest video game creators in the world, probably the vast majority of you have seen or played at least one of the famous games he created, games that have been played by people from all over the world.

So, thanks to all the people with whom and for whom I worked and from whom I learned!